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Hi, if you asked yourself the above questions, you understand exactly why we started Lab 9 Design (L9D). Our objective is to provide the services your business needs to flourish and let your imagination soar, while keeping costs at bay. Sounds too simple? Click on Consult, design, develop, and outsource below to learn more.

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In our latest project, a business school professor has asked to design and build a site that will allow users to take a survey, which in turn gauge their happiness factor in their current job. Click on the image to read more about this amazing idea.  

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Lab 9 has a unique selection process to hiring and assigning the right project manager for your needs. Undoubtedly we look for project managers (PM) that have stellar track records for completing projects on-time, staying within budget, and completing projects as specified. Click on the image to learn more.

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ITegration is our latest partner who's expertise is in Magento, Drupal, and open source platforms. Click on their logo to learn more about them and how they can assist you. 

Perfect Solutions To Fit Any Size Company

The beginning to any great idea is to make sure it is viable and successful. Our consultants will walk you every step of the way to making sure your vision becomes reality. We are experts in online commerce, logistics, and of course Information Technology.

In a sea of websites, we cannot emphasize the importance of the design phase because this is the differentiator that allows you to stand out. Consumers and users are bombarded with information, and the design could be the difference between a new customer/subscriber and an abandoned shopping cart.  

To increasing your business potential and outreach, we only focus on developing and working with the platforms and systems that are relevant to those core competencies. Our focus is on e-commerce, online interface, customer relationship management (CRM), and enterprise resource programs (ERP).

Utilizing global resources is the perfect solution to maintain the quality you deserve and reduce the overhead costs so you can spend those dollars on business development. Outsourcing is not a negative connotation, rather a smart business decision.